Jinan xin jie electric co., LTD promises

In leading the development of the industry at the same time,Hard skills,Integration of resources both at home and abroad,Successively with shandong university、Shandong vocational college

Establish production-study-research cooperation agreement,Technical cooperation agreement with Italian vacuum filling machine manufacturers,Strive to the quality standard of the quality of the products reached the international first-class brand。

Industry information

Zhao Chengbo as chairman“The 18th annual jinan outstanding entrepreneur”

I'm chairman of the board of directors of the company was named Mr Zhao Chengbo“The 18th annual jinan outstanding entrepreneur”,In12Month28Day to honor...

The filling machine industry leader--Jinan xin jie

In this paper, a brief introduction of jinan xin jie rui electric co., LTD. Company profile and company flagship product, filling machine of some basic information

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  Jinan xin jie electric co., LTD is the center of the supporting institution,1999In the establishment of a natural person holding of private enterprises,Located in central teachnolosy of northing new,The main business covers car(The vehicle、Powertrain、Auto parts)Industry、Construction machinery industry、Chemical industry、The instrument、Industrial automation equipment、Mechanical equipment、Electronic products、Industrial robots、Research and development of machine hand、Design、Manufacturing、Sales、Installation and technical services、For fluid system;The design of the automatic production line、Development and technical services、In the field of mechanical and electrical automation technology development、Technical consultation、Technical services、Technology transfer;The development of computer hardware and software、Wholesale、Retail;Import and export trade and other related industries;In faw、The east wind、Saic、Changan、Baic、The Great Wall、Geely, chery、Byd、Wuling、Yutong、Zhongtong、Heavy truck、Red rock、Jianghuai、The public、Gm、The dragon、Toyota、Honda、Changhe、Jinlong、Southeast of domestic famous companies of the entire vehicle and trinity、Vanda、Xugong、Liugong、Mansion、Hill pushed、katebile、Komatsu、Hitachi construction machinery companies such as available,And successfully exported to Russia、Iran、Egypt、Vietnam、South America and other overseas markets,Won the unanimous approval and favorable comment of customers at home and abroad。


2000㎡Modern technology research and development of building and manufacturing workshop、New procurement of high precision machining center for enterprise development provides a powerful spring,To provide customers with domestic delivery fastest、The highest quality products has laid a solid foundation